Support & FAQs

For immediate support needs, please use our live chat - found in the bottom-right corner. If no-one is online right now, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


How can I stop the app asking for camera permissions every time?

The methods below will allow you to permanently allow access to your phone's camera for the IndeeStock app:

iOS - Safari

You can press the 'AA' symbol in the top-left of Safari, then click on 'Website Settings', then change the 'Camera' option from 'Ask' to 'Allow'.

Android - Chrome

You can press the 'More' and then 'Settings' in the top-right corner of Chrome, then click on 'Site Settings', then click the 'Camera' option and turn access to 'On'.

How do I add variants via the app?

We don't currently support uploading of variants with IndeeStock, you currently can only upload products to your Shopify Store.

Where does the product data come from?

We work with a third party product data provider that lists over 330 million unique barcodes with associated product data. When you scan your product, IndeeStock looks up the barcode and retrieves any product data available. If none is found, you can still enter data manually.

What product data can I change with IndeeStock?

Through IndeeStock, you can manage the following product data:

  • Product barcode
  • Title
  • Brand
  • Description
  • Price
  • Images
  • Quantity
  • Publish control

If we find the barcode in our 3rd party product data, we will automatically populate the Title, Brand, Description, and Images if available. 

If the product already exists in your Shopify Store, then we will display your current product information, including current stock.

Why aren't my barcodes scanning properly?

IndeeStock supports both EAN-13 and EAN-8 barcodes (or UPCs) - these are the most commonly used commercial product barcode types and are made up of 13 and 8 digits respectively. 

If you're having trouble scanning barcodes, please make sure:

  • You're using Safari on an Apple device, or using Chrome on an Android device
  • Make sure you allow Camera access to your browser when prompted
  • Ensure the barcode isn't damaged or mis-printed
  • Check that there is enough light for your camera to see clearly - low-level lighting makes barcodes very difficult to read!